Thursday, 23 May 2013

Vegetarian Lasagna

This vegetarian Lasagna is very easy to make and absolutely yummy :) So go ahead and make it, you won't regret it !


For the tomato sauce:
Tbsp oil for frying
1 onion diced
Sliced mushrooms (as needed)
1 green bell pepper (diced)
1 and 1/2 tsp 3G Paste
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp curry powder (optional)
Salt to taste
pinch of black pepper
half cinnamon stick
1 can of plum tomatoes (sieved)
splash of water.
1 bag Vegetarian mince (I used Quorn)

For the white sauce:

1 pint of milk
2 hand fulls of grated cheese plus extra for the topping.
3 tsp cornflour
pinch of pepper 

And ofcourse Lasagna sheets( I used fresh ) but dried works just as well.

Preparation Method:
Pre heat oven to 180
Add oil to a large pan and heat on medium heat and add onions and peppers and cinnamon stick and saute for a few minutes until the onions are slightly tender.

Now add the Ginger ,garlic and chilli paste and stir in quickly.

Now add the vege mince to the pan and mix through and add the oregano,salt,curry powder and pepper and mix well.

Add in the sieved tomatoes and mushrooms and let simmer for for 5 minutes and set aside.

Now it's time to prepare the white sauce.

In a medium pan add the milk and cornflour and stir until the cornflour dissolves and that there are no lumps.

Now add the cheese and stir.

Add a pinch of pepper and turn the heat up to medium.
Keep stirring as you don't want to scold the milk.
The sauce is ready when all the cheese is melted and it's thickened up nicely. Once ready remove the pan off the heat.

Time to assemble the Lasagna :)

Firstly add a layer of the Tomato sauce on the base of your oven dish.
Then lay the pasta sheets/sheet on top and put some more of the sauce on the lasagna sheet and pour on some of the white sauce.
Repeat the layering until the Tomato sauce is finished.
For the last layer add the final pasta sheets and pour the rest of the cheese sauce all over it and sprinkle some grated cheese on top.

Pop the Lasagna into the oven for 30 minutes ( may take longer as ovens vary)

Slice Lasagna into desired sized portions and enjoy :)

I hope you try this out :)

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